Studio Tecnico Edoardo Vieni
Studio Tecnico Edoardo Vieni

Technical Office

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Everything regarding the "planet home": from the purchase of land to the delivery of house.
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Quantity surveying and contracts
The metric is the elaborate prepared for the determination of the quantities of the various processes present in the project. To proceed to the elaborate preparation is necessary to measure all the specific processes needed to carry out the work and reported in the final design: length, width, height, weight, number of parts, unit costs and total cost.
The Office provides technical assistance for the award of condominium works or private individuals works to selected companies provided by the customer or on the recommendation of the Office.
Surveying practices
Documents for new pilings, documents for changes in land, land subdivisions, entries in cadastral map, cadastral consultations, cadastral updates, cadastral excerpts, cadastral plans, planimetric changes, research and correction of cadastral errors, cadastral sheets, list of buildings.
Municipal practices
Building permits, complaint login, report certified login, documentation driveways, documentation of public land, partial splits and consolidations property, canopies, pergolas, sewer connection, requests for building amnesties, searches for certificates of habitability, research for approved projects, urban destination certificates, projects and variants of small buildings, calculation of the cost of building, law n. 47/85 (building amnesty), documentation for restoration and painting buildings, projects of modest buildings, regulatory plan, change of destination, documentation for the communication of internal work, earthworks documentation.
Land registry, inheritance declaration, statement of self assessment tax, model of payment of taxes, fees, fines and other revenue, self-certification, recording of declaration to the tax authority, preparation and fair presentation of the cadastral registration.
Surveys and Estimates
Property valuations of flats, buildings and warehouses, assistance during the negotiation estate, technical advice for the purchase or sale of real estate, technical reports from sales of properties, sworn experts (court), appraisals of land and buildings, real estate appraisals for individuals and condominiums, legal expert opinion, division of inherited property, damage to homes, buildings, warehouses, laboratories, shops.
Certificates for fire prevention, SCIA (certified report of begin activities ), renew certificates for fire prevention, analysis and risk assessment, sworn testimony on fire hydrants, fire protection practices in general.
Planned expenditures, assiduous care on site, accounting, coordination of activities, quality control, resolution of issues relating to the transition from design to realization.
Building Site Safety
Preparation of the documentation required (Safety Plan and Technical Coordination of the work), assessment of technical and organizational capacity of the aspirants Contractors and Subcontractors, relations with the client, the designer, the various companies, their Prevention and Protection managers, their Representatives of workers for safety, relations with inspection bodies (ASL, Department of Labour), check the Company records relating to safety, evaluation and management of safety plans.
Civic Building Design
Detached villas, multi-family villas, buildings, restructuring apartments, box design, interior design.
Law Firm
Drafting contracts, interpretation of contracts, disputes out of court, litigation, recovery of unpaid debts, constitutions changes and disposals of companies.
Waterproofing of terraces, renovation, electrical installations, plumbing systems, heating plants, hydronic systems, air conditioning, central vacuum cleaning systems, home automation systems, interior and exterior finishes, paintings, humidity and condensation removal, reorganization for the reuse of derelict flats, drainage terraces.
Greenery, maneuvering space and parking, waterproofing of terraces, renovation, electrical installations, plumbing systems, heating plants, conservative restoration of facades, interior and exterior finishes, drainage terraces.
Greenery, maneuvering areas and parking lots in condominium courtyards, waterproofing of terraces, restructuring apartments, electrical installations, plumbing systems, heating plants, conservative restoration of facades, insurance for theft arising from the presence of scaffolding, interior and exterior finishes, recreation for the reuse of dilapidated apartment blocks, drainage terraces.
New Constructions
The company is able to carry out their own buildings in the residential and industrial field. We offer a turnkey service, from design to completion of the work required.
Identify the negative areas, properly place the furniture, orient the beds, study the presence of currents, improve the reflection of light, use mirrors, lights, plants, perfumes.
Place the door, the stove, the furniture, the oven, the sink, the refrigerator.
Dining room
Identify the negative areas, properly place the sofa, position lamps and chandeliers, properly place the furniture, use mirrors, lights, plants, perfumes.
Place the various activities, choose the rooms, place the work table, position objects on the desk, properly place the furniture, choosing materials, improve lighting, place the plants.
Cardinal Points and Colors
Choose the most suitable color to paint a room in order to give new life to the environments in which you live. How colors are related to career and success, friendship, exchanges and travel, creativeness, marriage and social relations, wisdom and fitness, health and wealth, family.
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